Bluetooth Music Receiver

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The Bluetooth Music Receiver is highly cost-effective wireless stereo audio receiver, you can listen to music from your mobile phone without the cables. Make normal speaker to Bluetooth speaker. It is designed for home AV systems, home stereos, headphones, automobile or motorcycle speakers.



  1. Let ordinary speakers instantly become wireless Bluetooth stereo audio music speakers.
  2. Can be paired to any Bluetooth enabled devices, such as mobile phone, laptops, speaker and Bluetooth audio transmitter.
  3. Make music in the audio equipment play by wireless.

Instructions for use:

  1. Insert the USB of the receiver into any available USB port or to a AC to USB adapter to get power.
  2. Connect the speaker\’s 3.5mm audio cable to the Bluetooth dongle.
  3. Open the Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone (or computer), search Bluetooth devices to find and pair a device called SF-LY002, pairing code is 0000, after the pairing is successful, the led light will slow down. Now you can select the music via Bluetooth from a cell phone or computer, a great music will play from speaker.


  1. Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth V2.0+EDR, support A2DP V1.2
  2. Power supply: 5V USB
  3. Output: 3.5mm Audio interface
  4. Distance: 5-10 meters (estimate only, actual distance may vary)
  5. Notice:The parcel is individual packaged with Opp bags,not the plastic package.

Package Included:

  1. 1 x USB Bluetooth Audio Music Receiver
  2. 1 x audio cable

Additional information

Weight 0.350 kg
Dimensions 25 x 10 x 10 cm


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